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Tram- Reviving Adventure of Kolkata

I want to go by tram” I said in excitement. Ok” He spoke carelessly. Then there was a time when I saw it on the road. I was a bit far. Although, I didn’t have a clear view but I could see it moving as slow as possible, just like an old showman showing his tricks to children with no excitement knowing they are enjoying because its first time. I was almost tap dancing, but people around me were panicking inside as it takes more than usual time to cross a signal. That was the first interaction I had with Tram.

The journey of Tram started in Kolkata with a horse-drawn tram and gradually, thanks to technology, electric trams took over. Popularity and usage of Tram never stopped growing among people. In 1967, the Government of West-Bengal took over the management from Calcutta Tramways Company. Later, the company introduced 40 buses in the early 1990s, and that was the time the government thought to bring a glorious century-old tram network to an end. In the beginning, it was reserved for high-class people and an ordinary person wasn’t allowed to board the train. A Melbourne tram conductor suggested renovating the Tram to keep the heritage alive that increased its value and ended up saying it. Fast forward in 2019 first AC Tram train is started in Kolkata.

In the beginning, it was reserved for high-class people. It was fast, classy and high-profile like a queen. The young and middle-aged generation has only seen the slow version of the Tram. There was an incident once. In the early days of the Tram, a poet was crushed under the Tram while crossing the road. Apparently, he was in his thoughts, and Tram couldn’t stop on time, but right now seeing its speed, the incident seems unimaginable.

After two days of waiting, I finally got to see it up-close. I was standing at one side of the road just another day when I saw it again, walking towards me slowly increasing my heart-beat. Doors were open, I ran, and finally, there I was inside the Tram.

People were trying to ignore me, perhaps I was way too excited than I should be. Are you enjoying this? An elderly gentleman sitting behind me asked. “I nodded” attentively. After a long deep conversation, I came to know that he is human psychology professor living in Kolkata and still uses the Tram to commute every day. In his words ”I like this, it reminds me of exciting old days”.

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  1. Wow love to read nurration …in life we all run to get the things as fast as we could but to have it in slow peace is a bliss .

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