Tirupati Tirumala Temple

Tirumala town is managed by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (Temple trust). The town sees 50,000 to 1L visitors every day, yet no sign of mismanagement can be seen anywhere in the town or nearby Temple. There are no stray animals in the city although few wild animals can be spotted while descending from Tirumala because of the sanctuary. Temple trust has built free lodges for devotees to provide safe and clean accommodation, free food cooked with hygiene and hassle-free stay. All you need is your valid Aadhar card, and locker along with a mat will be assigned to you.

The Tirupati Temple is known as Venkateswara Temple and its one of the wealthiest temples in the world (having appx 9000kg of the gold reserve). The Temple is spread covering a vast area on the hills. There are three gates to enter. The main idol is situated almost at the centre of the sanctum. It is believed that one can hear the sound of waves when you put ear at the back of the idol. Although devotees are not allowed to go nearby the idol. There is no charge to go inside the Temple unless you want prasad at the end, that costs 20 and 70 rs (according to the requirement). Having to wait in the queue for darshan is common. A ticket can be bought for 300 Rs to bypass the original queue. They create a separate line for ticket holders, but given the number of devotees, that queue can’t be called short either. However, there are times when you can enjoy hassle-free darshan. Go to the Temple at either very early morning or better late at night after 11. The Temple closes at 12

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