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Tea is a Hug In A Cup

This Quotation belongs to someone else. I am borrowing it. If you truly believe on this and a tea lover and imagine a place where you would be sitting on a swing or may be on the ground and enjoying sunset with your favourite cup of tea. Usually when we imagine these situation, it comes with a complete holiday package and full of expanses. Here is the catch, sorry delhiites this is only for Noida.

I am talking about ‘Ourstory Tea Restaurant’ or in their language its’ tea bistro. It is in G- block, sector 18 Noida, near Wave mall. They have created that imaginary dream place for you for real. Few days ago I was roaming around in the crowd of sector 18 Noida with a friend and Nikon.┬áIt was a quick decision to visit ‘OurStory Bistro‘. That lady at the gate insisted to go upstairs atleast for a minute. We agreed and went upstairs. As soon as we reached to the terrace garden, we just paused for few seconds. It was beautiful sunset. I sat down at one of the swing. Few minutes later a person served me a cup of Classic Kahwa Tea. We stayed there for an hour and enjoyed the sun.

It is a beautiful place, well designed with great interior. If you are a person, who enjoys own company, you should definitely try. Just Go, Grab a cup of Tea or Coffee, forget the crowd and make your own story.

Here are few moments I captured there. You can find their facebook page link below for more stories.


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You can find them on Facebook. Click here to go to there Facebook page.



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