Something Random…

(Era: We are living in a modern society where teleportation is the primary mode of transportation)
{Two people hacked in government server and trying to delete few criminal records}

Scene- Now we have just two minutes to alter those files, and the system will kick us out.. Sean repeated the third time..
Come on.. Michael .. qui… What the (beep)…are you doing? Sean screamed once he noticed Michael’s eyes are fixed at a video. His body is frozen…
{It was the video of a person trying to teleport in a lab, dated years ago. A machine disintegrated the body at one place and created the clone at the destination, but once in a while it failed to disintegrate the first one}

Their eyelids were fixated at the machine. Frightened..They are still using the same one.

An ultra white screen forced their eyelids to blink. System has kicked them out..

Is that? Is that what I think it is? Sean stammered
Michael nodded
……long two minutes silence….
Then Michael broke the silence.. Sean, we are not the only Sean and Michael here..

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