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A Roadways Traveler

When it comes to travelling, I often put travellers in two-three sections. First comes those who travel in their comfort zone, go to places with all amenities and availabilities. Second, people who go beyond the comfort zone but doesn’t get too crazy, like go to outskirts but committed to their cars, as if where their vehicle can’t go, they won’t go. Then there are the superiors ‘the roadways travellers’, and No one can explain it better than the people who have been to Spiti in one.

Travelling in roadways has its own charm. You meet a variety of people and get to interact with them. Can learn about their daily lives and sometimes get to listen to local music too. I have been to many parts of Himalaya in roadways buses, but this place spiti has magic. Unfriendly roads, somewhat uncomfortable seats, view of barren land and river with deep blue water and highly proficient drivers make it an unforgettable experience.

HRTC drivers drive on one of the toughest what we call an adventurous road in the World. I remember when I was going from Kaza to Batal, and one of my fellow travellers asked, “Aren’t you scared?” I said carelessly,’ No, I trust the driver”. Well! That was the confidence I got after 9 days of travelling in roadways buses. They can drive on a road where there is no road at all. A traveller can enjoy thrill throughout the journey, and if you get to sit behind the conductor, consider yourself the luckiest person on earth at the moment.


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1 thought on “A Roadways Traveler

  1. “the roadways travelers”
    This is a very special name for me too. I have travelled in different parts of indian and HRTC is always very close to me. And Spiti is till now my sweetest destination. And yes I am saying this inspit of being the native of the original “the sweetest part of india”
    The HRTC driver are the living gods of india.
    And finally it’s a amazing story Gupta Ji. Congratulations

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