Imperfectly beautiful Spiti

Someone asked me on the way, what makes a barren land so attractive? Definition of the mountain starts with greenery. When it comes to the whole package, our imagination draws a picture of lush green mountains everywhere and a river with flowing water or probably meadows and a waterfall. Herewith no sign of greenery and river, well water is not up to the mark, why we find this attractive?

I have been thinking a lot and finally answering now- Maybe it is because of its offering uniqueness. I agree it doesn’t match with the definition of standard beauty and criteria, but it has its own charm. You find colours on a mountain just like someone painted it carelessly with a yesterday’s dried brush. Still, mountains are so beautiful that sometimes even clouds try to copy these colours. The river is not so angry and superior here as nature has other superiors in this part of the land. It is unique, not everyone will prefer barren land, I guess. But if you have an eye for uniqueness, If you can think beyond what is taught to you as standard and if you can struggle for this, you won’t be disappointed.

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We have been seeing and taught too

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4 thoughts on “Imperfectly beautiful Spiti

  1. Your word selection makes this imperfect spiti perfect may be… started love those dry barren land of Himachal as much as I love meadows of Uttarakhand. Keep traveling and exploring dear.

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