Bhutan- A land of discipline

By meaning, it says the land of the dragons. However, I would like to call it a land of discipline. You can’t help but notice it in each and every act of Bhutanese person. Being a non-disciplined person in my entire life, I found it quite intriguing at first. No speeding vehicles anywhere, no horns, no shouting at each other, and no uncomfortable stares. There is no traffic signal in Bhutan, and if a pedestrian is crossing the road, drivers stop before zebra crossing whether you signal them to stop or not. I sat next to a four-way for some time to evaluate how they are managing traffic without a traffic signal or person, even at the busiest place of Bhutan seemed to have no issue of traffic. It teaches a sense of responsibility also giving priority to oneself too. Nobody is asking you to prioritise another vehicle or yourself. A sense of balance, I believe.

The food, I liked cheese-based food for the first time in my life. Cheese is the basic ingredient in most of their gravies. The best I like is the combination of mushroom and ema(chilly) Datsi(Cheese based gravy). It’s was very creamy at first, but a little modification made me like it. Halfway I came to adjust with creamy gravy, the halfway it occurred to me with spices. Apart from all the Datsi, red rice gives a sense of local Bhutanese food. Although I couldn’t find a ready to eat street food stall in Bhutan, they have lots of varieties of frozen fruits and instant noodles.

The third thing is the openness to liquor. You won’t see a drunk person misbehaving on the street. Each and every restaurant offers liquor and an ambience to sit comfortably. Men women sit in the restaurant drinking together, eating comfortably.

Infrastructure starts giving a sense of Buddhism the moment we cross the border. Be it a government building/office, school, house or monastery, all are carefully built with the same design.

Majority of Bhutanese are healthy, soft-spoken, disciplined and beautiful. It’s not common to see an Obese person here. Animals are amiable too. Since killing animals are not allowed in Bhutan, their friendliness was expected, although for some unknown reasons dogs are not friendly. They are scared of people and not comfortable if you want to pet.

Thimphu City

Market in Thimphu, local craft bazaar

Buddha dordenma- The Buddha Dordenma statue in Thimphu at 51.5 metres is among the largest Buddha statues in the world. The statue is gilded in bronze and gold. 

Memorial Chorten- Also known as Thimphu Chorten, this stupa located on Doe Boom Lam is unlike most stupas in the world. The Memorial Chorten does not enshrine human remains but instead represents the mind of the Buddha.

Textile Museum

Gangtey Monastery

Punakha bridge- The Longest Suspension Bridge

Punakha Dzong- placed strategically at the junction of the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers, the dzong was built in 1637


Chimi Lhakhang- Famous because of the phallic symbol 

Bajothang Town

Dochula-10,000 ft 

Bhutan National Museum

Taktsang (Tiger’s nest)

Bhutan Airport

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