Being Thankful…

Something happened yesterday while commuting in the metro. Generally, I leave late to avoid the rush, but yesterday I had to leave during peak-hours. The warrior in me somehow fought the way through and got in. I quickly noticed a corner made and myself comfortable.

Sense of achievement was all over me and could be seen easily on my face. Then something kicked me out of that solitude. The woman next to me was convincing her groom (I realized after a while) how they should not get married. She looked somewhere in the mid-20s possibly, could be late but definitely not early. In her words “I want to open a day-care and run, and later I will convert this into a school”, and her idea of daycare was not common, I heard, but won’t share. I won’t say unique, but it is not something you see in every daycare. She said, “This is me, Bache pasand hai mujhe aur kuch karna hai. tum ache ho, maybe bhut ache ho. koi dikkat nhi hai. Lekin mai ready nhi hu.” It looked like the other person did not understand the point. I curiously wanted to know how it ends, but sadly I live too close to my office. So I woke up the warrior made it to the gate after stepping on a lady’s toe, a few glares, multiple wasted excuse MEs . Then at the gate, there was a woman who looked the same age, was trying to convince someone. Her words,’apne se jyada kisi ko value de do to value khatam ho jati hai. mere sath bhi wahi ho rha hai. Lekin uske bina jindagi me kuch hai nhi,” Woo, that was depressive, I thought.

These scenarios are very common in women’s lives, especially in the 20s. They both have their struggles and priorities. I just wanted to go back and tell the first girl to talk to the second one.

We all have someone in our life who inspired you for something at some point in life. Go ahead and appreciate. You have no idea what she is fighting for already. It is your turn now.

P.S. I was not trying to eavesdrop as it comes as complimentary when you are awarded with the ‘crowded metro travelling package’.


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