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A Piece of Sun

Get rid of that flower juice; you are making the floor dirty, ‘ mom shouted from the kitchen. Little rose got up and ran with the cup spilling a little here and there as she ran trying to outrun her mom when she tried to snatch the cup. Rose has grown obsessed with coloring the floor with yellow flowers’ gist since few days.

It all started with that colorful wall. One day while returning from the farm, her zigzag walk stumbled when she noticed a drunk man playing with flowers. He was smashing was sun-flower at the wall in anger. Every time he slipped, and he tried to save himself with the support of the wall. His smash at the wall was not only changing the frontier but a little girl’s mind as well.

What are you doing? Rose asked curiously. “Its so cold today. I am smashing the sun so it will be warm a little.” the stranger responded while smashing the next one.The changing beauty of the wall was instigating her creativity.  “Can I borrow one?” She begged.

“Sure. Here”, he filled her tiny hands with two flowers. Smash now.”No” she condemned, I will use this piece of the sun at the floor. It will be beautiful and warm and she started walking again with two pieces of Sun in her pocket.

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