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Odd-Even review- Kudos to Arvind Kejriwal

Today was the litmus test of Odd-Even formula because people are back to work after new year celebration. In the morning, I saw some odd number cars many with CNG sticker but few were without that also. If consider that as exception, roads were comparatively less crowded. I saw some metro pictures on facebook where people were trying to show the crowd. However, on a live conversation of RJAshish with one of our minister I came to know that picture was taken on Diwali not today but I have only one question who clicked that picture when photography is not allowed in metro premises by the way?

In the evening, I saw extra buses as he promised. I am a daily commuter so I can tell that confidently. Most surprising part was when I saw a police office was managing the crowd in the bus and after a very very long time, Maharani Bagh flyover was not over crowded.

No doubt this formula has many cons but don’t forget to see the pros. With few changes like if any person has two cars with Odd-Odd or Even-Even combination, allow them to change one of that to odd or even this would help. Every new rule has flaws and benefits but it has become a trend whenever we have to come out our comfortable zone (doesn’t matter even if it is good for us) we counter instantly. Not going to criticize anyone, so far I want to say-

Kudos to Mr Kejriwal




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