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Make sure you are not saying NO to yourself

“Yes! I will do that”.

“Sure, sweetheart, that won’t be a problem”. OR

“No Problem Sir, I will get it done”.

Sounds familiar? These are few positive lines we say every now and then. But once the conversation is over, Sigh!

Somebody told me this morning in a very sarcastic way,’ why are you so negative about things? Don’t you think you sound arrogant?” I gave him an elegant look but did not say anything. Actually he was quite annoyed because I disagreed with him on few things.

I understand saying ‘Yes’ is a lot easier as it doesn’t need a background analysis such as did I say anything wrong? Did I make him angry or whatever.  It’s human nature. People often take ‘No’ in a very offensive way and most of the time this reveals their true intentions.

‘Yes’ or ‘No’ should be said only after analyzing the situation not just because you don’t want that person to get annoyed. Make sure when you are saying YES to somebody, you are not saying NO to yourself.

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