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Kenyan University was attacked-147 Dead

I recently came across a sorrowful incident that happened at Kenyan University. 147 people were killed and around 79 people injured. Kenya faced similar feared situation last time in 1998 when U.S. Embassy was bombed. It was a sad day for Kenya but we don’t have this on social media or on any news portal.

I am writing this on my blog because we all feel sorrow whenever/where-ever these incidents happen and show our condolence by changing our profile picture. Media cover these international incidents to show our empathy towards the people who suffered.

I am not requesting people to change their profile picture but at least give the same importance to those who are suffering these monstrous acts every day, like Syria, Kenya (Whether they are from a developed country or not). They are also people who were killed. They also had family and people who are left behind deserve the same attention we give to a developed country citizens.


Source: CNN

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