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This morning, I thought of writing about the word INTOLERANT, one last time I swear. Well, what makes India an intolerant country? The people speaking punitively about this because we have freedom of speech as one of our fundamental right or the other who are returning their award for which millions of people struggle throughout their life or the government. Well, It is very important to understand the psychology behind this word intolerant (I wish I could use a synonym), I guess it is just the one word substitution explaining the feeling that they dislike the government or disagree with that but tell me one thing- will all these things like returning awards, commenting, making funny pictures of well-known people, customize country or improve the situation of this intolerance? Hard to say

I know we all are tired of listening this word and want to get over it, so do I. Honestly speaking, many of us (who are considered as common man working in 9-6 shift or overnight shift people) does not even care about this so called intolerant thing.

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