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A Child can be the best thing happen to you ever…..

It feels soothing when those tiny fingers touch you. When you stare at him and he gives you an innocent smile. You don’t get bored talking to them for hours. Every moment fills a new excitement in your life. You start enjoying life in a different way. A Child can be the best thing happen to you ever. Its an…

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Sometimes, we just don’t want to see everything clear. Sometimes, a cloudy day makes us more happy. Same way!! some pictures are captured to be blurred… Its good not to see everything focused, surprises are better than a known future… Sometimes….. 2+ Users who have LIKED this post:

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A Pure Innocent Smile…

Today, while travelling in bus, I saw a girl with a group of beggars. A perfect example of innocence and happiness. She was too much busy playing with that rod and ignoring almost everyone including her mother who was trying to stop her. A Pure Innocent Smile… 0

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