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This is specially dedicated to 90’s children. It doesn’t matter whether we sit together or chat on phone, most of us come up with almost same topics. Most common of them are Games and Candies..Wow! Remember, how everything was so important related to candies, Or for us it was ‘TOFY’ . From winning a prize in a number game to ‘one+one candy’ offers. All these things used to feel like conquering the empire┬ábut at last sharing that victory with friends. Every single detail was amazing. We never realized when we grew up. For me I realized when I had to cook my festival Holi’s Gujiyaa’ myself or when I returned empty handed from market without buying a cracker on Diwali. These things are so important. But time can’t be reversed so enjoy your adulthood now. Go for the shopping, enjoy rain or Water park, And! yes! Don’t forget to buy candies…


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